Welcome to the 100 Steps to Financial Independence

Find everything you need to gain full control over your personal finances.

One step at a time you’ll learn to control your expenses, pay off debt, increase your savings, multiply your income, set up your retirement funds, start investing, the ins and out of taxes, having an estate plan and much more!


  • “The strength of 100 Steps to Financial Independence is that it not only inspires you to reach for sky-high dreams, but it also shows you a clear path to get there. Once you’ve read through all 100 steps, becoming financially independent seems possible. But even if you only take a few of the steps to heart, you’ll be much better off financially. This book is useful for anyone who isn’t already financially independent - in other words, almost everyone.”

    Susannah Noel

  • 100 Steps to Financial Independence tackles complex topics with grace and crystalline clarity. I've never considered myself a technical or savvy finance person but I was thoroughly engaged in the 100 Steps from page one to the very end. Inge Natalie Hol has structured this reference book in such a way that anyone can grasp the knowledge within and take the journey to financial freedom with her step-by-step instruction. How refreshing to find an approach to this thorny topic from a place of joyful exploration!

    Heidi Dorr

  • “I've never been great at managing my money well! I used to always survive from paycheck to paycheck, becoming increasingly worried as the month went on. I've had overdrafts, credit card debt and loans hanging over me that I shouldn't have had. It's never been massive but I never seemed to get out of it as there was always something new that needed money (Birthdays, holidays, fixing car, etc.). That's when I came across Inge's book on the 100 steps to financial independence. These easy to implement steps have inspired and helped me to take control of my money! It's been 6 months and I've just made my last payment to pay off all of the debt I had, I've been continuously saving towards the downpayment on a house, I've been inspired to start a small business on the side, and most importantly am feeling happier than ever! Although the book gave me the steps, more importantly it gave me the inspiration and motivation to take control of my finances. I wouldn't say I'm financially independent, but I believe that it's possible now and am committed to achieving it!”

    Patrick Alvarez